The Story of Oddity

living room squareThe story of ODDITY is boring.
So instead we’ll just make something up…


Born in the Arctic, ODDITY grew up cold. As the son of a poor ice cube farmer (the ice business had steadily declined since the invention of the electric freezer) ODDITY’s family could never even afford a coat for the boy. The numerous cases of severe frost bite created an unusual effect in ODDITY. While terrified of the cold, he was also physically unable to feel anything but the most extreme of temperatures. It also led to an unusual affection for ice, and on numerous occasions he has threatened the lives of his friends for not watching ice he left in their possession.

Forced government relocation brought ODDITY to the Ottawa region just in time for high school, where he was accepted by all as a great and noble loser. Party invitations were few. Dates were fewer. ODDITY’s closest friend was a yellow frisbee with a happy face drawn on it. He spent long hours listening to the radio, and wondering why nobody invited him to parties. It was at that moment it hit him. The roof that is, as an out of control bus had just slammed into the side of his house. Over the next few weeks a very large insurance scam gave him the edge he needed; equipment, and a huge collection of music. And with that it was into the music business!

hard at workODDITY spent the first few months playing for friends in a private basement club called ‘Chez Mom’s House’. Once his skills were perfected he headed out into the real world. Working first as a mobile dj for high school dances and pubs, ODDITY quickly learned the musical tastes of today’s youth, and was quickly invited to parties and suddenly thrust into the spotlight. He was the life of the party.

Before long club work began. First ODDITY started playing a night here and there as a replacement, this soon led to a regular shift at Hoodoo McFiggin’s in Ottawa’s east end.  Recognition from this location soon landed him shifts in a range of downtown nightclubs, and in a very short period of time you could find ODDITY at almost every major bar and club in the National Capital Region.

But then suddenly he decided to try something different, and he hung up his headphones.

ODDITY hard at work...After a brief hiatus, where he made a daring attempt at being a grown up member of society, ODDITY quickly realised that this was no fun at all, so to maximise his time on this planet he decided to dedicate his life to roller coasters, bright flashing lights and, of course,  music.

This leads us to the present day. By lacing all of the music he plays with subliminal messages, ODDITY has made himself more addictive then both crack and speed, and by investing in clothes made out of non-potato-sack fabric, he has quickly become a sex symbol. ODDITY is now looking to expand his reach, or failing that, die in a fabulous Leaving Las Vegas style way. In either case, sooner or later, a movie will be made about him.