Technical Specifications

The following are guidelines only. Specific technical requirements for each event or venue will be discussed and agreed upon during the booking process.


If ODDITY is providing the booth equipment:
  • Space of no less than 100cm x 50cm (40″ x 20″) at a height of approximately 86cm (34″)
  • 120v clean power supply to at least two outlets (preferably six outlets) at performance area
  • XLR connection to house sound system (alternatively RCA can be used)
  • Secure storage for ODDITY’s cases and bags


If you are providing the booth equipment:
  • 2x Denon SC5000 media player (alternatively Pioneer CDJ2000 players – any generation)
  • 1x 4-channel professional DJ mixer with VU meters per channel, 3-band eq, hp/lp filters, crossfader bypass, separate booth & master volume controls
  • 1x booth monitor (preferably installed to the left or centre of the booth)
  • Space for laptop setup with stand, plus access to power for laptop and USB hub

If you will be providing the equipment, please provided details of your setup to ODDITY during booking. ODDITY will always try to be flexible with what is available. However it is important that all equipment be in good working condition.



ODDITY will provide logos for advertising you wish to distribute. Any text distributed should refer to the performer as either 1) Oddity, 2) Todd Oddity, or 3) DJ Todd Oddity. Please provide copies of any advertising produced, physical or digital – ODDITY likes to collect them.

Additionally, please provide ODDITY with a high-resolution square jpg or png image of your event or venue logo for inclusion in ODDITY‘s website and social media promotions.

Please make any embargo rules for announcing shows abundantly clear BEFORE booking, otherwise ODDITY will begin promoting your show through his channels immediately.